We make our firestarters ourself! It saves money, are great as gifts, and super efficient! And the best thing - they are super easy to make!


Last christmas we actually made a whole bunch and gave away as gifts for family and friends. Guess what, they loved them!! I have even been asked for refills, and some have also claimed these are the best ones they have ever used! So these are familyproof, and a real test winner! I love that!

Body butter, cacao butter, coconut-oil


Written by Lena Isaksen, 21.08.17

1. Start with placing the newspaper in front of you (as I if you are reading it), and I cut the edge of the left side away. So you only have sheets left.

3. Then use a scissor to cut your roll into pieces!

5. Soak your soon to be forestarters and let them dry on some newspaper!

We don´t subscribe to any newspaper, but whenever I know I´m making these I just ask friends and family if they have any I can use. The candle light scraps I collect throughout the year, a lovely way to upcycle instead of throwing it away into landfill!

You will need:

  • Newspaper

  • Cotton thread

  • Scraps of candles (collect throughtout the year, or/and ask family if they can do the same

  • Two casseroles

2. Roll 3-5 pages together, and tie strings around - one string for each firestarter. I usually get five firestarters from one role of regular newspaper.

4. Melt the stearin / candlelighs in a double boiler.