This bag can be made with all sorts of variations, fabric, and sizes. With upcycled or with your favorite fabric. This recipe makes a bag in the size approx 26 x 28,5 cm.


Here I have chosen to reuse and upcycle a pair of thick cotton curtains from Ikea. Thick fabric makes great bags. It`s a good idea to use fabric that can be washed at 60 degrees, especially if you occasionally use your bags for food like I do. But you don`t have to.


I use my bags for different projects, like knitting, and to freeze homemade buns in the freezer. You can use them for whatever you want! And the best is that it`s a really great alternative to plastic bags! 



You will need:

  • Thick cotton fabric, here I have upcycled a pair of “Merete” curtains from Ikea 

  • Cord

  • Cotton thread

  • Sewing machine

  • Cutting mat

  • Ruler

  • Rotary cutter

  • Fabric pen

  • Iron

Body butter, cacao butter, coconut-oil


Written by Lena Isaksen, 10.10.17

10. Voilá, you now have your homemade cotton bag!

A shoutout to my mom, who taught me how to use a needle and thread. I am truly grateful for that. She is really talented and is a big inspiration to me. Check out her Instagram and blog!


This recipe was originally written by me for Norges bygdekvinnelag, for their magazine (edition Bygdekvinner 03, 2017)


See the recipe in Norwegian here!

1. Wash the fabric, and iron it before you start. A good tip is to iron the fabric when it still is a little damp.

3. Sew zig sag around the fabric.​

5. Set a mark 10 cm from the top and then sew each long side with straight stitch and 0,6 cm seam stitches up to the mark. Attach the thread by driving back and forth a few times. If you have cut two pieces, you must also sew the bottom.

6. Fold the seam in the 10 uppermost cm on wrong side and sew it down with straight stitch, make sure you do not sew the bag together. Attach thread at start and end. Repeat on the 3 remaining sides.

7. Then fold 1 cm seam on the top, Iron.

8. Fold down the top part to the 10 cm mark you made earlier, needle stitch both sides before beginning, sew over with straight stitch. NB! Be careful not to sew the bag together! Repeat on the other side, tie thread well at the beginning and end.

9. Turn the bag inside out. Measure and cut two cords in 72 cm. Draw one cord through both openings using a crochet hook or knitting needle, and tie. Repeat from the other side with the other cord.









2. Cut the fabric to 70 x 28 cm on the cutting mat with your rotary cutter. I like to make it this size to avoid having a seem in the bottom of the bag, but two same size pieces in 35 x 30 cm work just as well.

4. Fold the fabric in the middle. Right against the right.