Use your leftover orange peels for something useful!

About a year ago I read a horrifying article about how our cleaning products contain harmful ingredients that are nasty to both us and the environment. What scared me the most is that the toxic fumes and chemicals from cleaning products in spray bottles stay in the air many hours after using it... With ingredients that can lead to asthma and COPD.


I started searching for recipes on how to make my own cleaning supplies that are safer to use around the house, and it is amazing how simple it is to do it yourself! 


Here is how you can make your own all-purpose cleaning spray:


- Whenever you have leftover orange peels, add them to a mason jar and fill it so it covers the peels with white vinegar.


- Let it sit in the cupboards for about one-two weeks, and turn it around once every other day.


- After one-two weeks. Take the peels out and sift the liquid through a strainer.


- Mix it together with 50% water and pour it over in a spray bottle so it`s easy to use when needed!


Voila! You now have your own homemade, chemical-free and safe all-purpose cleaner!

It smells vinegar for a few moments after using it but it really does the trick! Safe, and without any toxic fumes!

Tip: You can add a couple of drops of essential oils like lemon to make it smell great!

Written by Lena Isaksen, 26.11.17