Hi, my name is Lena Isaksen and I am lessismorediy. I am a photographer, aspiring minimalist and a zero waste entusiast.


In march 2016 I discovered Zero Waste, through Bea Johnson, Trashisfortossers Lauren Singer and other inspiring videos on youtube. I was upset about all the information about plastic waste, harmfull BPA, toxic ingredients in store bought products and plastic pollution in general.

It hit me bad, and straight away I went to my kitchen cupboards - seeing only plastic wrapping around every little piece of food we had. Something had to be done. At the same time I discovered minimalism and Marie Kondo`s method of tidying up - it was on!


So it started. I literally began cleaning out my closets throughout the house, and since then it has been a journey towards living a more sustainable lifestyle for me and my lovely boyfriend. 


We now store all our food in glass containers, have gotten rid of all plastic food storage in our home, replaced kitchen utensils with ones in wood, and try to shop food with as little plastic as possible whenever we can. We have gradually replaced most of the products we used before with more healthier non-toxic options. Many store bought products contains both hormone disrupting and allergenic ingredients I rather want to live without. Luckily many companies make safe products which are better for both us and the environment.

It takes time changing a mindset and old habits, but I find it helpful asking questions like: Is this good for me, my body and the environment?


Follow my journey on a way to a more sustainable lifestyle on my Instagram, and I hope you will enjoy some of the recipes I share here! Please leave a comment on my instagram to let me know what you think! Or contact me here.

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